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BR series  wheel inspired by the great 60s Le Mans sports racing GT cars. Thanks to modern pressure casting technology our BR wheels ensure more consistent quality than the earlier sand cast wheels. Available in 6 pin for direct fitment to originals and in 5 pin for use with our Vintage adapter and spinner kit. Finish is mid gray powder coated center with machined rims which created a slight sheen. We can also offer other finish options such as polished rims ,fully polished or other center colors for additional cost. Stock sizes are 15 x 8, 15 x 10 17 x 8, 17 x 9.5, 17 x 10.5 Pin circle is 6 on 4.25, 5 on 4.5 ,5 on 4.75 , custom pcd also available. These are one piece wheels so backspace options are limited.NOTE the quoted backspace does not include adapter flange which will reduce backspace by 3/8 inch. Please note we offer wider widths which are multipiece construction up to 14 inch wide for the 1B Gulf rear clips.

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