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Welcome to Vintage Wheels Inc. official web site.

Vintage Wheels offers top quality classic design wheels for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, kit cars and originals.

Our range includes both pin drive and bolt on wheels that will fit most originals and replicas. We can offer custom offsets and finishes in diameters from 14 to 22 inch in with widths up to 15 inch

For replica builders or if you own a Hot Rod, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro or similar classic and require true knock off pin drive wheels with classic spinners our adapters will convert your hubs without the expense of having custom hubs manufactured. Our superbly engineered forged steel adapters are designed to fit directly onto most 4 or 5 stud hubs without machining. Simply bolt on vintage adapters using our forged steel pin lugs which align with holes in the back of the wheel, our polished spinners add the finishing touch.

If you own a 60's classic with 6 pin drive hubs we have direct fit, original style wheels. Owner Bob Lacey brings over 40 years in the specialist auto industry and has many year of race and special stage rally experience both as a driver and car builder.

We specialize in export and can offer great shipping rates worldwide. Call 619 952 4717 or 888 339 7572

HA Series

Kidney Bean Series

427PD Series

FA Series

Muscle Cars

We have recently expanded our range of quality parts and now offer the convenience of on line shopping. Many of our parts are direct replacements for the original 60s items and will give your replica that authentic appearance. If you don't find the item you are looking for please complete the inquiry form below or call us on (619)952-4717 as we are adding parts daily

We have very competitive shipping rates worldwide!

This is how the Vintage Adapter system works - simple - effective and safe!
Fits straight on to your vehicles hub - no machining required
A real pin drive knock off system for that classic 60s look

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