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Goodyear G7 Blue streak 600 - 15 Sports car special
Goodyear G7 Blue streak 600 - 15 Sports car special
  • Model: 600-15

Price:   $352.00


Goodyear Blue Streak treaded vintage racing tires 600-15.

We drop ship direct from Goodyear to ensure you receive the latest batch - not older stock as offered elsewhere.

Diameter 25.5. tread width 7.9.section width 10.6. fits rim widths 7 -9.

Smaller diameter than the Billboard 26.5/8/15 .

Please note these tires are not DOT approved. .They are Bias ply construction (60s racing technology)the steering on the car will be more sensitive and they do not ride as smooth as modern radials - they can also be difficult to balance , a good tire installer should be chosen !! The tires are also marked on the sidewall NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE .The white lettering is spray painted at Goodyear and is not perfect - varies from one tire to the next. We therefore cannot accept returns for any of the above reasons(except in the case of a manufacturers defect and which Goodyear Racing agree to the claim). PLEASE TAKE NOTE

If you are planning to replace your existing radials and need to know how the dimensions compare to see if these tires will fit please email us on vintagewheel@live.com or call our tech help 619 952 4717

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